On this page you will find required and recommended equipment for use at the high school level. It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for students to purchase these items. For winds, a mouthpiece is one of the most important investments a musician can make when considering the overall sound production on their instrument. The listed percussion equipment is considered "standard" for any serious percussionist.

Also listed are recommended dealers for purchasing this equipment. See your director for more information.

Wind "Step Up" Instruments

It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for all high school wind students to upgrade their instrument to an intermediate model. The instrument received in 6th grade was designed for the beginning student in mind...the manufacturer leaves out various "bells and whistles" which are unnecessary in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade band (this allows young musicians to focus on becoming comfortable on the horn). Upgrading to an intermediate model will provide students with an instrument more closely resembling one used by a professional. Step-Up models often have added keys and/or are designed in such a way that will make the increased musical demand of high school literature more attainable with the potential for a better overall sound. Each Fall, Muncie Music will hold an "Instrument Step-Up" night for all wind students. Please attend this meeting to gain more information regarding "Step-Up" instruments.

Required for all high school band students

All high school band students must own their own flip folder with ten flip folder sheets and a lyre. This will be used if the students particpates in marching band, parades, and/or pep band. These are available for purchase at the beginning of each marching band season or using the provided links:

Flip Folder
Flutes: DEG Flutist Friend Marching Lyre
All Other Instruments: Grover-Trophy Flip Folder
Extra Flip Folder Sheets: Grover-Trophy Flip Folder Replacement Sheets

Lyre & Flip Folder Page

Recommended Music Accessory Dealers

NOTE: All products listed on this page can be found using the provided links. If you are experiencing trouble locating a product, please see your director for more information.

Woodwind Brasswind (Good for all instruments)

Steve Weiss Music (Good for all instruments)

Muncie Music

Paige's Music

Brass Mouthpieces

Trumpet: Bach 5C or Bach 3C
French Horn: Holton Farkas MC
Trombone: Bach 6.5 AL or Bach 5G
Euphonium: Schilke 51D
Tuba: Conn Helleberg

Links to Purchase: https://www.wwbw.com/ or https://www.munciemusiccenter.com/

BERP - Required for Marching Band. A "berp" is very helpful during mouthpiece exercises. For more information and to order, visit: berp.com Order "The BERP," and NOT "Classic BERP"

Students renting school-owned euphoniums must have a "SMALL SHANK" mouthpiece for concert band and a "LARGE SHANK" mouthpiece for marching band and pep band. Students participating in these ensembles need both types of mouthpieces. The "Bach 6.5 AL" and "Schilke 51D" comes in both sizes.

Woodwind Mouthpieces

Clarinet: D'Addario Reserve X5 or Vandoren M30
Bass Clarinet: Vandoren B45
Alto Sax: Selmer Paris S80 C* or Vandoren AL3
Tenor Sax: Vandoren TL4
Bari Sax: Yamaha 5C or Vandoren BL3

Links to Purchase: https://www.wwbw.com/ or https://www.munciemusiccenter.com/

Woodwind students, including oboes and bassoons, must own at least 3 high-quality reeds at all times. Reeds are available for purchase from your director, but it is much easier for all involved if every student owns their own box of reeds. Vandoren reeds are the preferred brand for single-reed students. Please see your director with help selecting a reed strength.


All high school percussionists are required to have their percussion kit equipment at all times durning class and extra-curricular practices. This kit is available for puchase through the band director. The supplemental list is for students wanting to expand their inventory. As all sticks go through "normal wear and tear", all percussion kit items are available for purchase through the band director.

Link to purchase: Steve Weiss Music

Percussion Kit Includes:
Innovative Percussion - IP240 Medium Marimba Mallets, 2 Pair
Innovative Percussion - IP902 Medium Soft Xylo/Bell Mallets, 1 Pair
Innovative Percussion - GT-3 General Timpani Mallets - Medium, 1 Pair
Innovative Percussion - IPLD Lalo Davila Drum Sticks, 1 Pair
Innovative Percussion - SB3 Stick Bag, 1

Supplemental List
Innovative Percussion - FS-MM Mike McIntosh Marching Drum Sticks
Innovative Percussion - WBR-1 Wire Brushes
Innovative Percussion - IP100 Soft Marimba Mallets
Innovative Percussion - IP200 Medium Soft Marimba Mallets
Innovative Percussion - IP275 Medium Hard Legato Marimba Mallets
Innovative Percussion - IP300 Medium Hard Marimba Mallets
Innovative Percussion - IP400 Hard Marimba Mallets
Innovative Percussion - GT-1 General Timpani Mallets - Soft
Innovative Percussion - GT-2 General Timpani Mallets - Medium Soft
Innovative Percussion - GT-4 General Timpani Mallets - Hard
Innovative Percussion - GT-5 General Timpani Mallets - Ultra Staccato